The 2030-Panel is an advisory body established by the Danish Parliament's All Party Coalition for the Sustainable Development Goals (The 2030-Network). The aim of the advisory body is to support The 2030-Network in its context-sensitive learning and action for impactful national sustainable development policy-making in Denmark. 


The 2030-Panel consists of 25 strong and diverse stakeholder profiles designated by The 2030-Network as representatives of key players in the Danish society. They have been chosen by virtue of their personal capacity and experience with implementation and fulfillment of the SDG's nationally and globally. Sara Krüger Falk, Director of Global Compact Network Denmark, is chairman of The 2030-Panel. 


The 2030-Panel supports the political work of The 2030-Network through knowledge sharing, analysis and sparring. The aim of the panel’s advisory approach is to provide a more direct route to possible options and solutions, that positions the 2030-Network to act faster and in partnerships based on knowledge from an influential cross-section of industries and SDG practitioners. The 2030-Panel can take independent initiatives and is not subject to political guidelines by the Network. The Panel meets six-eight times a year and organizes meetings and events in collaboration with the 2030-Network. 


The Panel has, among other things, launched the world's first open SDG  development project that aims to establish inclusive supplementary Danish indicators on the status of the SDG's in Denmark. The baseline project, carried out in collaboration with Statistics Denmark, is implemented to motivate, measure and facilitate political action towards the 2030 Agenda in a national context.  


The Panel also works to promote the SDG agenda through:  

  • Interaction with ministers and civil servants to influence political SDG action plans  

  • Information on the SDG agenda to spread and promote ownership widely in the Danish society  

  • Participation in SDG debates, events and campaigns  

  • A specific working group on education whose purpose is to anchor knowledge and learning about the SDG’s as a part of the Danish educational system 

  • Baseline projects on specific SDG goals, e.g. goal 11  

  • Identifying and distributing the yearly SDG award given to a person/corporation who has made an extraordinary effort to promote the SDG’s in Denmark  


During COVID-19 the Panel has been an active voice to promote and motivate the “building back better” mindset politically and in the public debate. It is especially in times of crisis that we have the opportunity to rethink and choose new pathways, and the Panel's goal is to convince and qualify Danish politicians to dare to choose the sustainable pathway out of the crisis. 


Global Focus acts as a secretariat for the Panel and assists it in facilitating meetings and events, coordinating visits, providing contact with relevant actors, knowledge sharing, etc.